Bess Ruff

PhD Program


M.S. Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2016
B.A. Economics, Lexington, VA, 2013

Research Interests

Marine spatial planning, marine sanctuary design, marine-based tourism, participatory mapping

Selected Publications

Lester, Sarah E., Ruff, E.O., Mayall, K., McHenry, J. "Exploring stakeholder perceptions of marine management in Bermuda." Marine Policy 84 (2017): 235-243.

Hartline, Niko L., Bruce, N.J., Karba, S.N., Ruff, E.O., Sonar, S.U., Holden, P.A. "Microfiber masses recovered from conventional machine washing of new or aged garments." Environmental Science & Technology 50.21 (2016): 11532-11538.

Shugart-Schmidt, K. L. P., Ruff, E.O., Gravitz, M.Z. "Gulf Gems: Treasured Places in Troubled Waters." Marine Conservation Institute. Seattle, WA. 2014. 32 pp.

Selected Presentations

Microfibers: The Next Frontier of Plastic Pollution and the Search for a Solution. MarineDebris.Info Webinar. November 2016.
Perceptions of Marine Spatial Planning in Bermuda’s Nearshore Ocean. Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. August 2015.