Academic Affiliates

Ronald E. Doel

Affiliate Professor (Associate Professor of History)
Bellamy 438

History of recent science, environmental history, International relations, circumpolar Arctic

Maddy Hart

Adjunct Professor

Water resources, GIS, GPS

Catherine Howard

Adjunct Professor

Medical geography, epidemiology, health risks

Trina Merrick

Post-doc Researcher
Bellamy 320

Remote sensing, spectroscopy from satellites and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), solar-induced fluorescence and gross primary production, other vegetation health indices, tropical vegetation, interdisciplinary collaborations to answer ecological questions about vegetation in the tropics

Loury Migliorelli

Adjunct Professor

Biogeography, landscape ecology

Richard Miller

Adjunct Professor

Physical geography, national parks

Sean Nickerson

Adjunct Professor

Geodatabases, unmanned aerial vehicles, drone mapping, epidemiology

Nick Quinton

Instructor & Assistant Academic Coordinator
Bellamy 311

Economic geography, political geography, electoral geography, U.S. south

Georgianna Strode

Adjunct Professor
PhD Program
UCC 6140

GIS, cartography, population mapping

Scott Weisman

Adjunct Professor

GIS, project management

Jackie Windus

Adjunct Professor

Environmental risk and sustainability, archaeology

Morton D. Winsberg

Professor Emeritus

Florida, weather and climate, residential segregation, agriculture, Latin America