Masters in Geography

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Master’s in Geography (MA or MS) is an internationally-respected program designed to provide students with the methodological skills and theoretical perspectives necessary for undertaking independent, analytical research. Faculty and students collaborate to investigate critical issues dealing with society, geospatial inquiry, and the physical environment.

There are two tracks a student may pursue: A thesis (for those students intending to pursue doctoral research) or non-thesis (for those students seeking to immediately enter the workplace).

Requirements for Admissions:
Students with degrees from ALL subjects are considered equally; no prior Geography or GIS classes or experience is required. Applications from students from the State of Florida, from the rest of the USA, and from the rest of the world are considered EQUALLY.

Connecting with Faculty:
Students are strongly encouraged to identify and make contact with 1-2 prospective faculty members that would serve as supervisors for the duration of their graduate program. A good research fit between advisor and advisee is the cornerstone of a successful graduate experience, so communications between prospective students and advisors should be initiated well before the application deadline.

GRE Scores:
It is recommended to have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher and GRE scores of at least 144 (Quant) and 153 (Verbal).  However, Applications from students with lower GPA and GRE scores may also be accepted to the program.

Full financial support is available for qualified students. Current funding is approximately $18,000 per year for 2 years, plus all a 9 hour tuition waiver. Students are liable for FSU fees. Fully funded students are allowed up to 10 hours per week of outside employment. Funding is conditional on good scholastic standing and available Departmental resources

Qualifications for funding are:

  1. Undergraduate degree and GPA over 3.0
  2. GRE Scores of at least 144 (Quant) and 153 (Verbal). Students with lower GPA and GRE scores may also be accepted to the program.

Statement of Purpose (1-2 pages, single spaced):

Please describe the following:

1.) What research topic(s) would you be interested in exploring through graduate studies? What motivates your interest in exploring this topic and doing a graduate degree in Geography at FSU? Why is this topic important and deserving of scholarly attention? How does this program of study advance your career interests?

2.) What previous experiences have prepared you to succeed as a graduate student and conduct research in this area? You may reference relevant academic, professional, and personal experiences. If relevant, feel free to discuss obstacles or hardships that you had to overcome in order to succeed, and how you surmounted these obstacles.

3) How would the Geography graduate program at FSU support you to conduct this research? Which faculty members could supervise your research? What other faculty in the department have complementary expertise that could support the development of your thinking?

Admissions Deadlines
Spring 2020: Admission is now OPEN. Deadline to apply is October 1st.
Fall 2020: Admission will open November 1st. Deadline to apply is April 1st.