Thank you, Audrey!

April 1, 2016

I don’t know what I would do without her. Ms. Audrey Nichols is an exemplary employee providing consistent service excellence as office manager in the department of geography. Since her arrival in 2014 she has shown a continuous attitude of excellence in service. According to the FSU Controller’s office the compliance rates on budgetary manners under Audrey is now averaging above 90% on a monthly basis. In fact for the fiscal year 2015 the geography department’s compliance rate was 99%. This is up from 67% on an annual basis before her arrival. The rate varies by month but it has generally been above that achieved by the college’s administrative unit.

She serves the faculty and staff in the department with a positive attitude and demands excellence from her subordinates. Her attention to detail is deeply appreciated. She shares generously of her time providing an outstanding example of diligence for faculty, staff, and students. Audrey has single-handedly changed the research culture of the department through her efforts in helping faculty with proposals and grant-related matters. Over the past few months she has worked tirelessly with the folks in immigration to secure the needed paperwork for our newest faculty hire from Canada. Thank you!