Staff Pay

November 13, 2018

Like all departments Geography relies heavily on professional staff. We have two full-time positions a budget manager and an academic specialist. These staff positions are critical to a smooth running department with 200 majors, 67 graduate students, 10 adjuncts, and 15 faculty. From ensuring everyone is paid on time to advising students on what courses they need to graduate, the staff work load is substantial and the stress can be high. We’ve been lucky with some excellent recruits, including our new budget manager Adam Ware, but as evidenced by the recent departure of Alex Cohn, staff salary appears to be insufficient for the amount of work these folks do for us. The university has made a significant effort to improve faculty salaries but it’s time they make a similar investment in staff salaries. This investment will help FSU reach it’s goal of becoming one of the country’s Top 25 public universities by giving faculty and students reliable, efficient, and consistent staff support.