Climate Change Solutions

March 1, 2020

Climate change is an apex issue for Generation Z and Millennials. When surveyed, they cite it as the biggest problem facing their generation^1. It drives their consumer behavior through the popularity of plant-based meat and spurning of car ownership, to cite just two examples. The labor market is undersupplied with graduates who have the proficiency to work across civil-society organizations to develop/accelerate solutions.

In response I’ve been working with Matt Carter over the past several months on a proposal to explore a new MS program in climate change solutions. The goal is for the program to distinguish itself as the degree of choice for students who wish to elevate their awareness of climate change into pragmatic action. The program will be open to graduate students from all disciplines drawing together FSU’s STEM capabilities to make climate change solutions.

The core curriculum will include classes in the science of CO2 climate change, applied statistics, geographic information systems, and an open-source programming language. The elective courses will be selected based on a student-chosen climate change solution and the keystone course will be a supervised implementation of that solution. We hope to have the program up and running by Fall 2021 but there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make it happen.