Masters in Geography

A faculty of international reputation offers students opportunities to pursue masters of science or masters of arts research. 33 credits of courses are required, with either a thesis (for those students intending to pursue doctoral research) or non-thesis (for those students seeking to immediately enter the workplace). Applications and automatic consideration for funding support from the Department of Geography for Fall 2017 admission is now OPEN (click here) and will close on March 1, 2017. Minimum qualifications to apply are: (i) undergraduate degree (GPA over 3.0) and (ii) GRE of at least 144 (Quant) and 153 (Verbal). Current funding for qualified students is $17,000 per year plus all tuition credits (students are liable for FSU fees).

Students must attain at least a B in required classes, and B- in electives. List of required classes:

GEO5058 Survey of Geographic Thought (3 credits) Fall Semester Year 1

GEO5165C Quantitative Geography (3 credits) OR GEO5934 Qualitative Geography (3 credits) Fall Semester Year 1

GEO5118C Geographic Research (3 credits) Spring Semester Year 1

For more information contact Graduate Program Director: Victor Mesev ( 850-645-2498

Past Theses