Masters in GIS

32 credit program that can be completed in 12 months. Classes on GIS, remote sensing, and geo-statistical analysis using market-leading software in two purpose-built computer labs, along with a capstone internship to gain valuable real-life experience with organizations using GIS. Application to the program and automatic consideration for funding support from the Department of Geography for Fall 2017 admission is now OPEN (click here) and will close on May 1, 2017. Funding support includes $12,030 stipend plus tuition waiver for all 32 credit hours (students are still responsible for paying University fees). Minimum qualifications to be considered for funding support are: (i) undergraduate degree (GPA over 3.0) and (ii) GRE of at least 144 (Quant) and 153 (Verbal). Applications from students with lower GPA and GRE scores may also be accepted, but funding may not be available for Fall 2017 semester—only for Spring 2018 semester ONLY IF students can attain A grades for classes taken in the Fall 2017 semester. Employers of graduates include many private software companies, as well as state and federal institutions (Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Water Management Districts, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Census Bureau and US Geological Survey). Check out current jobs at <GIS Jobs Clearinghouse, GIS Jobs, My GIS Jobs and Geography Jobs.

Students must attain at least a B in required classes, and B- in electives. List of courses currently available:

GIS5101 Introductory GIS (3 credits) and GIS5101L Introductory GIS Lab (1 credit) Required (Fall/Spring)

GIS5034 Introductory Remote Sensing (3 credits) and GIS5034L Introductory Remote Sensing (1 credit) Required (Fall)

GIS5106 Advanced GIScience (3 credits) Required (Spring)

GIS5950 GIScience Capstone (6 credits) Required (Summer)

GEO5165C Quantitative Geography (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GEO5378 Landscape Ecology (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GIS5305 GIS for Environmental Analysis & Modeling (3 credits) Elective (Fall) NOT AVAILABLE 2016

GEO5934 GIS Programming (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GEO5934 Smart Cities (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GEO5934 GIS Water Resources (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GEO5934 Climate Change & Ecosystems (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GEO5934 GIS Databases (3 credits) Elective (Fall)

GIS5111 Spatial Modeling in GIScience (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5122 Applied Spatial Statistics (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5605 GIS Local Government (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5131 Geographic Visualization (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5400 GIS Applications in Social Sciences (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5306 Environmental Change Modeling (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5038C Advanced Remote Sensing (3 credits) Elective (Spring)

GIS5073 GIS Land Survey Methods (3 credits) Elective (Spring)