Masters in GIS

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Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours (5000 level or higher) are required to complete the program, in 12 months full-time or longer if part-time. Classes on GIS, remote sensing, and geo-statistical analysis using market-leading software in two purpose-built computer labs, along with a capstone internship to gain valuable real-life experience with organizations using GIS.

Students must attain at least a B in required classes, and B- in electives. See list of courses currently available below.

Required Courses:

GIS5101/GIS5101L – Introductory GIS & Lab (3/1) (Fall/Spring)

GIS5034/GIS5034L – Introductory Remote Sensing (3/1) (Fall)

GIS5106 – Advanced GIScience (3) (Spring)

GIS5950 – GIScience Capstone (6) (Summer)


GEO5165C – Quantitative Geography (3) (Fall)

GEO5378 – Landscape Ecology (3) (Fall)

GIS5305 – GIS for Environmental Analysis & Modeling (3) (Fall)

GIS5318 – Climate Change & Ecosystems (3) (Fall)

GIS5103 – GIS Programming (3) (Fall)

GIS5112 – GIS Databases (3) (Fall)

GIS5038C – Advanced Remote Sensing (3) (Spring)

GIS5331 – Florida GIS Applications (3) (Spring)

GIS5122 – Applied Spatial Statistics (3) (Spring)

GIS5605 – GIS Local Government (3) (Spring)

GIS5131 – Geographic Visualization (3) (Spring)

GIS5400 – GIS Applications in Social Sciences (3) (Spring)

GIS5306 – Environmental Change Modeling (3) (Spring)

GIS5111 – Spatial Modeling in GIScience (3) (Summer)