Tyler McCreary

Assistant Professor

Bellamy 309


Ph.D. Geography, York University, 2014
M.A. Geography, University of Saskatchewan, 2007
B.A. Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, 2004

Research Interests

Geographies of race and indigeneity, colonialism and racialization, environmental justice, political ecology, legal geographies, labor geographies

Research Activities

-The governance of hydrocarbon infrastructure development in North America
-Indigenous relations to pipeline projects in Northwestern Canada
-The history of museum programming about Indigenous people in Canada
-Indigenous people and the history of municipal development in a northern Canadian town
-Settler colonialism and the city in the Northern Plains
-The politics of race and nature in water governance in the US Southeast

Selected Publications

Milligan, R. & T. McCreary. Forthcoming. Between Kitimat LNG Terminal and Monkey Beach:
Literary-Geographic Methods and the Politics of Recognition in Resource Governance on Haisla
Territory. GeoHumanities.

McCreary, T., S. Mills, & A. St-Amand. 2016. Lands and Resources for Jobs: How Aboriginal
Peoples Strategically Use Environmental Assessments to Advance Community Employment
Aims. Canadian Public Policy 42(2): 212-223.

Murnaghan, A. M. & T. McCreary. 2016. Projections of Race, Nature, and Ethnographic
Childhood in Early Educational Cinema at the National Museum of Canada. Geografiska
Annaler Series B: Human Geography 98(1): 37-53.

McCreary, T. & V. Lamb. 2014. A Political Ecology of Sovereignty in Practice and on the Map:
The Technicalities of Law, Participatory Mapping, and Environmental Governance. Leiden
Journal of International Law 27(3): 595-619.

McCreary, T. & R. Milligan. 2014. Pipelines, Permits, and Protests: Carrier Sekani Encounters
with the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. Cultural Geographies 21(1): 115-129.

Mills, S. & T. McCreary. 2013. Negotiating Neoliberal Empowerment: Aboriginal People,
Educational Restructuring, and Academic Labour in the North of British Columbia, Canada.
Antipode 45(5): 1298-1317.

McCreary, T. 2013. Mining Aboriginal Success: The Politics of Difference in Continuing
Education for Industry Needs. Canadian Geographer 57(3): 280-288.

Courses Taught

GEO1400 Human Geography
EVR4314 Energy & Society
GEO4421/GEO5425 Cultural Geography
GEO5058 Survey of Geographic Thought
GEO5417 Race and Place
GEO5934 Labor Geographies