Arash Amiri

PhD Program

Bellamy 320


Ι completed four years of undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering-Surveying (Geomatics) at University of Isfahan, Iran in 2009. I was admitted to Lund University, Sweden for Master of Science in Geomatics in 2010. The Geomatics Master program at Lund University has helped me to achieve my goals of furthering my GIS education through the core coursework offered as part of the program (e.g. Geographical Information Systems-Basic and Advanced, Spatial Databases, Algorithms in GIS, Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing, and Web GIS/ Internet GIS), extensive hours of laboratory work, up-to-date tools, and astounding teaching techniques. I started programming with C++ and MATLAB. Since the beginning of my Master studies and because of my great interest in programming, I started using Java programming language, learning Databases SQL and dealing with object oriented concepts in programming, databases and GIS software. My Master thesis was part of a European Union project called “Haptimap” and was funded by a consortium of several famous European universities and institutes, dealing with developing mobile tools for navigation purposes. In this project I occupied an essential position in terms of designing and developing an advanced Web-GIS system for the purpose of navigation. With the help of my supervisor, Dr. Ali Mansourian, I did research on automatic geospatial Web service composition as the conceptual framework for my Master thesis. The Web service composition (service chaining) method of my work, used unique and cutting-edge design and techniques in geospatial domain. I used many of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) recommended standards and interfaces. In my work I used ArcGIS, PostGIS, Java, and Geospatial Markup Languages. For another aspect of my thesis project I did spatial analysis and GIS algorithms research and I designed a pedestrian path finding algorithm with optimization for urban open-spaces.

In 2012, I moved to USA to study doctorate program in Transportation Engineering at Morgan State University, Baltimore. I took several Transportation courses and worked as research assistant for the project “Development of a Framework for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)”, which was between a consortium of universities -University of Maryland College Park and Morgan State University- and Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA). The TOD project taught me a lot in Transportation Modeling and Simulations and I used many of my GIS skills. In 2013, I was admitted to PhD program in Geography and Environmental Systems at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) to follow my original interests in GIS. I had taken advanced Geography and GIS courses, developing research ideas and at the same time working as the graduate teacher assistant for the advanced and introductory GIS courses. The graduate teaching assistantship of GIS at UMBC has deepen my understanding of GIS relevant concepts and tools and has raised my technical skills to a great extent. During this time I did research on several topics including Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and geotagged content on the Web and the methods to improve and evaluate them. I also reviewed a lot of literature together with developing research ideas in geospatial distributed services/Web services and using them for different purposes, e.g. “spatial data or map conflation”. I transferred to Florida State University to study PhD Geography in 2015 and I believe that I can be very successful studying and researching at one of the top programs in Geography and GIS.


Master of Science in Geomatics. Lund University. Lund, Sweden. 2012.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering-Surveying. University of Isfahan. Isfahan, Iran. 2009.

High school and Pre-University Diploma in Physics and Mathematics. National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET). Kerman, Iran. 2005.

Research Interests

GIS algorithms, webGIS, spatial analysis, remote sensing