Adam Bledsoe

Assistant Professor
Bellamy 305

Black geographies, social movements, African diaspora in the Americas, critical spatial theory, Latin America

James B. Elsner

Earl & Sofia Shaw Professor, Department Chair
Bellamy 323A

Hurricanes, tornadoes, climate change, applied statistics, spatial statistics

David C. Folch

Assistant Professor
Bellamy 308

Geocomputation, spatial analysis, GIScience, urban analytics, neighborhood change, gentrification, segregation

Mabel Gergan

Assistant Professor (Starting Fall 2018)

The Himalayan region, indigenous youth, hazards and precarity, climate justice, postcolonial environmental politics, race and ethnicity in South Asia

Mark W. Horner

(850) 644-8377
Bellamy 318

Transportation, GIScience, urban geography, accessibility, spatial analysis

Sarah Lester

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-1619
Bellamy 303

Marine conservation and protected areas, natural resource management and policy, marine spatial planning/ocean zoning, sustainable seafood, fisheries assessment and management, biogeography and macroecology

Tyler McCreary

Assistant Professor & Colloquium Director
Bellamy 309

Geographies of race and indigeneity, colonialism and racialization, environmental justice, political ecology, legal geographies, labor geographies

Victor Mesev

Harrison V. Chase Distinguished Professor of Geography
Director of Graduate Program & Undergraduate Program
(850) 645-2498
Bellamy 310

GIS/remote sensing, urban image classification, disaggregate cartography, conflict mapping, geography of sport

Stephanie Pau

Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Committee
Bellamy 306

Biogeography, biodiversity conservation, global change ecology, climate change, remote sensing

Caroline Ponder

Assistant Professor (Starting Spring 2019)

Municipal debt; urban social reproduction; infrastructure; geographies of racialization; urban social movements; just socio-ecological transitions; socio-spatial theory; political economy

Christopher Uejio

Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Committee
Bellamy 317A

Public health, medical geography, climate variability, climate change, vulnerability, health disparities, health interventions, environmental health, infectious diseases (mosquitoborne, waterborne, foodborne), stakeholder driven science

Sandy Wong

Assistant Professor (Starting Spring 2019)

Health inequalities, social processes of disablement and mobility, environmental influences on health, mixed quantitative and qualitative methods, health GIS

Willie Wright

Assistant Professor
Bellamy 302

Black geographies, urban geography, and cultural geography

Xiaojun Yang

Bellamy 321

Remote sensing, GIS, urban ecology and land change science, applied geomorphology and geohazards, China

Tingting Zhao

Associate Professor & Internship Director
Bellamy 304

GIS, landscape ecology, land change science, carbon cycle, energy, cancer